101+ TOP Cousin Quotes Sayings

Cousin Quotes Sayings : After Alone Images & Friendship Status, Today We are Sharing Here a Large Collection of Cousin Quotes Sayings with You. In Everyone’s Life Ups & Downs Comes. In that Some people like to use Whatsapp Status to show their Feelings. Here We Have given a Unique Collection of Cousin Quotes Sayings.

Cousins Quotes Sayings


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  • A Near Neighbor Is Better Than A Distant Cousin.
  • Cousins Are The First Friends And The Best Friends.
  • Win,Lose Or Draw,You’Re All My Cousins And I Love You.
  • A Grandparents House Is Where Cousins Become Best Friends.
  • Cousins Are Awesome Well,Mine Aee. I Can Not Speak For Yours.
  • A Cousins Is A Little Bit Of Childhood That Can Never Be Lost.
  • Cousins Are Cool To See Impossible To Forget And True To Your Heart.
  • Friendship Is The Only Cement That Will Ever Hold The Cousins Together.
  • A Cousin Is Someone Whose Smile Helps When The Roads Are Rough And Long.
  • Cousin To Cousin We’Ll Always Be, Special Friends From The Same Family Tree.
  • Nobody Will Understand The Craziness Of Your Family Better Than Your Cousins.
  • You Don’T Choose Your Family. They Are God’S Gift To You, As You Are To Them
  • Treasure Your Cousins,They Were Your First Friends And Will Love You Forever.
  • Nobody Will Understand The Craziness Of Your Family Better Than Your Cousins.
  • Cousins Are Connected Heart To Heart Distance And Time Can’T Break Them Apart.
  • Treasure Your Cousins, They Were Your First Friends And Will Love You Forever.
  • It Didn’T Matter How Big Our House Was. It Mattered That There Was Love In It.
  • God Made Us Cousins Because He Know Our Mothers Could Not Handle Us As Siblings.
  • Cousins Are Many. Best Friends Are Few. What A Rare Delight To Find Both In You.
  • Cousins Are Those Are People Who Ask How We Are And Then Wait To Hear The Answer.
  • Sometimes, I Forget To Thanks The People Who Make My Life So Happy In So Many Ways.
  • One Of The Best Things That A Father Can Do For His Children Is To Love Their Mother.
  • A Brother Is A Brother,A Friend Is A Friend,If You Want Both In One ,A Cousins Is In Tread.
  • Death Is Not The Greatest Loss In Life.The Greatest Loss Is What Dies Inside Us While We Live.
  • Cousins Are Not Those We Do Not Know But Instead Part Of A Family That Also Provide Support And Comfort
  • Within Our Family There Was No Such Thing As A Person Who Did Not Matter. Second Cousins Thrice Removed Mattered.
  • May Argue With My Brother, But I Fight Beside My Brother Against My Cousin, And With My Cousin Against A Stranger.
  • I Always Call My Cousin Because We’Re So Close. We’Re Almost Like Sisters, And We’Re Also Close Because Our Moms Are Sisters.
  • No Family Is Perfect. We Are, We Fight,We Even Stop Talking To Each At Times,But In The End,Family Is Family.The Love Will Always Be There.
  • There Are Only Three Things I Can Wish For A Cousin As Special As You:More Happiness,Health And Prosperity Than You Ever Wished For..Today And Always.
  • To My Dearest Cousin And Best Friend,I Wish You A Wonderful Birthday And All The Wonderful Things That Come With It.That’S Becuase You’Re So Wonderful.
  • Cousins Are Usually The First Friends We Have As Children.No One Will Ever Understand Your Crazy Family Like Your Cousins Do Even If You Haven’T Talked To Mach Lately.
  • No Doubt There Were Other First Cousins As Badly Off, Or Perhaps Worse, As To Whom The Duchess Would Care Nothing Whether They Were Rich Or Poor, Married Or Single; But Then They Were First Cousins Who Had Not Had The Advantage Of Interesting The Duchess.
  • Cousins Are Usually The First Friends We Have As Children. Thai Are The Best Of Both Worlds Because They Are Family And Friends At The Same Time. Even If You Are Not Very Close Anymore, No More Will Ever Understand You Or Your Crazy Family Like Your Cousins Do.

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